How Large Was the Biggest Moose Ever?

The largest moose on record was shot in February 2014. It had a rack that measured slightly over 75 inches across, and it weighed around 1,200 pounds. The previous record-holder was an Alaska-Yukon moose shot in 1999 that had a rack that measured over 74 inches across.

Moose weighing as much as 1,800 pounds have also been shot, but the record books consider the width of the rack to be more important than the size of the animal.

There are six different sub-species of moose. The largest sub-species is the Alaska-Yukon moose. The average Alaska-Yukon bull moose weighs around 1,400 pounds. The Shiras moose, which is commonly encountered in the Western United States, matures at around 500 to 760 pounds. The Eastern moose, commonly encountered in Eastern Canada and in Maine, weighs around 600 to 800 pounds.