What Does a Labrador Retriever Rescue Do?


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A Labrador retriever rescue saves, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs of this breed that are abandoned, neglected, surrendered or otherwise unwanted. Most Labrador retriever rescues are volunteer organizations that rely on foster homes to house the dogs until they find permanent homes.

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Labrador retriever rescues typically accept purebred Labrador retrievers, and some accept Labrador retriever mixes. Dogs and puppies of all ages are often in care through these rescues. When a rescue accepts a dog into care, it evaluates its temperament and places it in a foster home where it receives further evaluation, love, care and training. Dogs generally receive preventive vaccines, heartworm tests and treatments for parasites, ticks and fleas, and they may undergo a spay or neuter procedure. They also receive any required veterinary care.

Labrador retriever rescues are committed to finding ideal, stable homes for their charges. Potential adopters wishing to adopt a Labrador retriever through a rescue must usually complete a detailed application that asks about such things as the number of people in the household and their ages, the family's lifestyle and other pets in the household. The rescue may require the potential adopter to provide references and undergo an interview and home visit before agreeing to the adoption. Adopters must pay a fee that helps cover the costs the dog incurred while in care at the rescue.

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