What Are Some Labrador Male Dog Names?


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Some male Labrador retriever names are Bruno, Bagheera, Rolo, Augustus and Alexander Keith. Different names are popular for chocolate labs, black labs and yellow labs.

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What Are Some Labrador Male Dog Names?
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Some popular names applicable to all colors of male Labrador retrievers are Finn, Cooper, Boomer, Lucky and Diesel. The name Finn is short for Finneus which represents bravery and courage. Cooper works best for a lovable dog who enjoys cuddling. The name Boomer is applicable for a loyal, courageous, bold dog. Lucky represents the idea that puppies are fortunate to be rescued from the streets and placed into the homes of caring, loving families. The name Diesel is perfect for a dog with a lot of energy and power.

Some cute names for chocolate labs are Bruno, Bosco, Brownie, Hazel and Heath. Bruno and Bosco are typical dog names, and Brownie, Hazel and Heath use metaphors to describe a chocolate lab's brown fur.

Ideal names for black labs are Bagheera, Bear, Blackberry, Licorice and Colby. Colby has historically been a popular dog's name, but Bagheera, Bear, Blackberry and Licorice yet again use cute metaphors to describe the dog's dark fur.

Some good names for male yellow Labradors are Graham, Goober and Nacho. These names also describe the dog's fur.

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