What Knee Braces Are for Dogs With Torn ACLs?


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Braces for dogs that have anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears include the Ortho Dog Cruciate Care Brace, the Mutt Knee Brace, the OrthoPets Brace and the Woundwear A-Trac Brace. These braces provide knee support and minimize pain and inflammation, according to Ortho Dog.

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Braces run from the top of the leg down to the ankle. Some designs include a harness, which runs over the dog's back for support. Factors that may affect which brace is used include cost, whether the brace is soft or hard, the range of motion it allows, whether the dog will require sedation in order to wear the brace and whether the vet will need to cast the dog's leg. These factors vary between braces, notes dogaclbrace.com.

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