What Are Some Facts About Kittens?


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One fact about kittens is that they are not just baby cats. They are also the babies of rats, mice, squirrels, beavers, rabbits and medium-sized wild African cats called servals.

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As for the young of domestic cats, kittens are born after a pregnancy of about 66 days. They are born with their eyes and ears shut and are completely helpless. They sleep 18 hours a day. Scientists believe this is because a certain type of growth hormone is released only when the kitten is asleep. They have 26 "baby" teeth, which are shed when they are 6 months old. When it's grown, a cat has 30 teeth.

Kittens’ eyes begin to open a bit when they're about eight days old, but they won't be able to see well until they are two or three weeks old. Their ears open up around this time, and their hearing becomes more acute. They're weaned when they're about seven weeks old, and are ready to be adopted when they're about three months old.

Siamese kittens are born white. They develop points, or dark areas on their heads, legs and tails as they grow older. However, the points only emerge when the temperatures are 98 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Siamese kittens raised in a hot environment stay white all their lives.

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