Why Does My Kitten Throw up Constantly?


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There are several situations that can cause a cat to develop chronic vomiting, according to WebMD. Vomiting may occur if a cat consumes indigestible items such as grass or foreign objects. The cause could be eating too much or too quickly. She could have eaten food that is rancid or not suitable for felines. Another common cause of stomach irritation in cats is intestinal parasites.

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Mild vomiting once or twice is usually not a cause for concern, states WebMD. In most instances, the cat recovers after vomiting and behaves perfectly normally. Cat owners should closely monitor the frequency and substance of the vomiting. Persistent vomiting includes fluids that appear either clear or frothy. A cat that repeatedly vomits may have a disease, or her stomach may be trying to eliminate material that is not easily digested. A veterinarian also may find the presence of an infectious disease.

Sporadic vomiting is less frequent and happens on and off for days or weeks, as noted by WebMD. The cat may appear listless, which indicates a chronic illness or stomach irritation problem. If the feline vomits up blood, this indicates is internal bleeding in either the mouth or small bowel. Vomiting up fecal matter is another serious condition that is a symptom of peritonitis, blunt trauma or intestinal obstruction.

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