What Are Some Kitten Facts New Cat Owners Should Know?

New kitten owners should know that their pet needs regular attention and affection, time to play, interactive toys, proper nutrition and a slow introduction to other pets. Meeting a kitten's needs ensures it stays safe, healthy and happy.

Kittens grow quickly and spend much of the day playing. They need water and nutritious, high-calorie food available at all times to support their growth and stamina. Foods formulated for kittens provide the supplements they need in easy-to-chew bites. Kittens get into everything they can reach, and a safe environment prevents dangerous mishaps. Owners should keep chemicals locked away and cords out of reach. They also need to keep small objects off the floor at all times. Kittens need a large litter box with low sides that they can easily climb in and out of. Owners should introduce the kitten to the litter box right away, placing the kitten in the box after meals and nap times. A kitten's natural digging instinct starts at about 4 weeks of age and makes litter-box training easy. Kittens need interactive toys to keep them busy and distracted from mischief. Toys made for kittens include balls with bells, squeak toys and catnip mice. Other pets in the home may react cautiously or aggressively to a new kitten. Owners should introduce the animals slowly and from a safe distance. Kittens need a lot of attention from their owners to learn proper socialization and trust.