What Kinds of Spiders Are Orange?


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In North America, there are multiple spiders that are completely orange or partially orange, such as the cross orbweaver, the woodlouse hunter, the black widow, multiple jumping spiders, and the sheetweb and dwarf spiders. There are 4,000 species of spiders in Canada and North America, as of 2014.

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Many spiders range in color from light brown to orange or from an orange-red to bright red. Some spiders such as the black widow have identifying markings that can range in color from yellow to red. Spiders use their coloring to blend in with their natural surroundings; this is a protective measure that helps them escape from predators.

Spiders generally cannot be identified by color alone, since different specimens of the same species range dramatically in color. Many people believe that spiders can be identified by markings. This is false, as markings can vary greatly among the same species of spiders. Experts identify spiders by eye arrangement, their spines, the location of claws and the trichobothria, which are special sensory hairs.

At any given moment, there are likely a few hundred species of spiders in a person's immediate area. In total, there are over 50,000 species of spiders worldwide, as of 2014. Spiders range in color from bright blue to dark purple.

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