What Kinds of Spiders Are Black and Red?


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The most well-known black and red spider is the black widow. There are many regional variations of black widows, but they can all be identified by the red hourglass shape on their abdomens.

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The redback spider is found in Australia and is closely related to the black widow, as evidenced by the red stripe on its back. Like the black widow, its bite is poisonous and can be dangerous to children and the elderly.

The mouse spider is another common spider that is primarily black and red. They are venomous but will not attack humans unless they are provoked. Male mouse spiders' heads and fangs are bright red, which makes them easy to identify.

Phidippus apacheanus is a species of jumping spider that is found throughout the southern United States. Most of its head and abdomen is a bright red and it is distinguished by its stocky body. Most spiders of this species are non-aggressive and inhabit grassy areas.

The spinybacked orbweaver is a black and red spider that creates colorful webs. They are easy to spot because of the six abdominal projections they have on their bodies. These projections are called spines and are red in color. Spinybacked orbweavers can be found all over Florida and are not a threat to humans.

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