What Kinds of Flowers Are Good for Attracting Bees?


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Bees look for flowers that contain nectar and pollen, such as the aster, black-eyed-susan, goldenrod, sage and huckleberry. Some other flowers that attract bees are the lupine, purple coneflower, sunflower, wild buckwheat, wild-lilac and willow.

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What Kinds of Flowers Are Good for Attracting Bees?
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Bees are also attracted to a variety of rare and exotic plants, such as the basil, English lavender, giant hyssop, globe thistle, rosemary and wallflower. Pollinators are essential to gardens, and bees are one of the main pollinators of the insect kingdom. A successful garden includes a wide range of plants that provide nectar and pollen all year round. Nectar is a bee's main source of energy, as it is loaded with sugars, proteins and fats.

To attract bees, it is important to refrain from using pesticides on flowers and plants. Planting flowers of different colors and shapes also helps to attract bees. Bees use their color vision to find flowers with nectar and pollen, and differently sized bees feed on different sizes of flowers. It is a good idea to plant or place flowers in sunny spots sheltered from strong winds. Local native flowers work best for attracting local bees, and planting flowers in clumps is effective for attracting a higher number of bees.

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