What Kind of Toys Does PetSmart Offer for Dogs?

What Kind of Toys Does PetSmart Offer for Dogs?

PetSmart offers numerous dog toys targeted at a plethora of pet sizes, ages and activities. Toys come in many different colors, materials, features, brands and prices.

Toys from PetSmart cater to particular activities, such as chewing, fetching and tugging. Dogs ranging between extra small and extra large sizes are accommodated. Customers can choose between over 20 different materials, such as nylon, polyester and rubber. Popular brands include Toy "R" Us, Top Paw and Grreat Choice.

PetSmart provides a dog toy selection guide on their website to help dog owners choose the right toy for their animal. The dog toy guide asks customers what activity their dog enjoys, whether it be chewing, chasing, carrying and cuddling, or being rewarded. The guide gives advice on what types of toys to buy, as well as explaining the benefits to the dog’s health and how each toy contributes to the dog's wellbeing.

Most dog toys listed on PetSmart's website are priced below $20, as of 2015. Items marked for sale or clearance are available at discounted prices. Toys purchased online can be picked up at PetSmart locations for no charge. Free two-day shipping is available for some toys.

PetSmart sells a large selection of pet supplies for dogs, cats, reptiles, and other animals.