What Kind of Temperament Does a Doberman Have?

kind-temperament-doberman Credit: Per Breiehagen/Stone/Getty Images

The Doberman Pinscher, or Doberman, is typically playful, loyal and protective, according to DogTime. This dog prefers to be near people and requires mental stimulation as well as leadership.

This dog is very intelligent, making it easy to train. When trained and cared for properly, the Doberman maintains a gentle demeanor. However, the dog's aggressive nature can come out when it does not get enough physical and mental stimulation or when it does not have the proper leadership. Dobermans need an owner who maintains natural authority, letting the dog know where it stands in the pack. Without this, the dog can be stubborn and willful. The Doberman is not hostile toward its family or guests as long as it is treated kindly and respectfully. However, it may be reserved with strangers until it gets to know them better. This dog can become aggressive when defending its master in a situation it believes to be dangerous, but it does not seek out trouble. According to the Dog Breed Info Center, Dobermans are great therapy dogs, and they easily walk alongside patients at very slow speeds and avoid IV lines.

Athletic families or individuals often appreciate the Doberman's athletic nature. A dog of this size, which ranges from 60 to 80 pounds as an adult, does best in settings with access to a backyard or with frequent walks during the day.