What Kind of Snakes Are Native to Central Florida?


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There are many different snakes throughout Florida and there are 35 species of snakes that are native to Central Florida including four venomous snakes: the dusky pygmy rattlesnake, the Florida cottonmouth, the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and the eastern coral snake. Throughout the entire state of Florida, there are 46 native snake species.

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What Kind of Snakes Are Native to Central Florida?
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Other snakes that are native to Central Florida and are not venomous include the common garter snake, the pine snake, the short-tailed snake and the southern hog-nosed snake. These snakes do not harm humans unless they feel threatened and officials ask citizens to focus on learning how to identify the venomous snakes. A bite from one of the four venomous snakes in Central Florida can be lethal.

When classifying the snakes found in Florida and in other areas, wildlife officials look at the color and patterns on the snake's skin. They look for whether the snake has a solid color, a diamond pattern, a blotches pattern, a bands pattern or a stripes pattern. This helps them identify the snake. One of the snakes native to Central Florida, the eastern diamond-backed rattlesnake has a diamond pattern created from the black, brown and light tan or white colors. The dusky pygmy rattlesnake has a blotched pattern with light blue, gray, dark blue and orange colors.

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