What Kind of Snake Has a Yellow Belly?


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The Nerodia erythrogaster flavigaster, also known as the yellow-belly water snake, has a greenish-grey outer body and a yellow belly and neck. The snake's labial scales are also yellow. Yellow-belly water snakes are often confused with venomous cottonmouth snakes, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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The main visible difference between cottonmouth and yellow-bellied water snakes is the location of their eyes. A cottonmouth snake's eyes are not visible if the snake is viewed from above, while the yellow-bellied water snake's eyes are visible. The yellow-belly water snake is not venomous and typically feeds on crayfish, frogs and other amphibians. Yellow-bellied snakes give birth to live young and are commonly found in lakes, ponds and swamps. The average size of a yellow-belly water snake ranges between 30 and 48 inches. The longest recorded size is 59 inches.

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