What Kind of Personality Does a Great Dane Have?


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Great Danes have gentle personalities. They are intelligent animals that possess bravery and tenacity. Great Danes are affectionate animals that display loyalty to owners and family members, and they have a protective nature.

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What Kind of Personality Does a Great Dane Have?
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Great Danes were originally bred for hunting wild boar, but they are mostly estate and companion dogs in modern times. Danes do not show a desire to chase prey. They also get along with other dogs, animals and people who are familiar to them. They are known as the "word's largest lapdog" because of their desire to lean on their owners.

Despite their pleasant nature, they require supervision when children are around, and they should be restricted at home. Younger Danes exhibit what is called "the zoomies," a period where they display bursts of pure joy and playfulness, jumping and leaping around the home. They should be well-composed in public, and they should not exhibit shyness when away from home. These dogs can also become aggressive if not properly socialized, and they may respond fearfully when introduced to strangers and new environments.

They have moderate intelligence, and they can be housebroken with obedience training. They are house dogs in the truest sense, and they do not need much exercise. Experts recommended that they not be too protective or aggressive in nature to minimize their imposing stature.

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