What Kind of Nest Do Ospreys Build?


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Ospreys build platform-like nests in the tops of trees or on artificial nesting platforms. They build the foundation of the nest with sticks and branches, and then they place sod, mosses, algae and bark on top of the sticks to provide greater comfort. Because they place the nests in open locations, the fledglings are better protected from predators, and the birds can approach and exit the nest in any direction.

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What Kind of Nest Do Ospreys Build?
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As they are fish-eating raptors, ospreys almost always nest near the water. Typically, the male ospreys locate suitable nesting locations. Later, the females arrive and bring an initial quantity of sticks to the nest. However, after this, the female will tend to stay at the nest and arrange the sticks that the male brings. Ospreys often reuse old nests. When reusing a nest, ospreys bring new sticks to add to the structure, so the nests grow in size over time. When ospreys construct new nests, they are not large. An average nest may be only 2 or 3 feet in diameter, but, over decades of use by multiple ospreys, the nest can reach large proportions.

Ospreys lay one clutch of eggs per year. Each clutch usually contains between one and four eggs.

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