What Kind of Fruit Grows in the Amazon Rain Forest?

What Kind of Fruit Grows in the Amazon Rain Forest?

Fruit that grows in the Amazon rain forest includes acai, aguaje, guarana, macambillo and cupuacu. Some of the better-known fruits of the Amazon are cashews, citrus fruits, squash, vanilla beans and peanuts.

The Amazon rain forest is rich in many fruits, such as citrus fruits that range from the common lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits to the harder-to-find pummelos. Pineapple plants come from the tropical regions in Brazil and Paraguay.

Both peanuts and cashews are also native to South America. Although they are considered nuts, they are actually beans or fruits from trees. Another famous bean from the Amazon is the vanilla bean. It grows on the rain forest orchid tree and is used in cooking.

The acai is a small berry that comes from the rain forest and is popular in health food stores. The aguaje fruit is a tropical fruit that is not widely distributed throughout the world. However, it has three times the vitamin A of carrots. The flesh of the fruit is a bright yellow enclosed by a scaly maroon husk.

Guarana is a fruit from the Amazon that is rich in caffeine. Consequently, it is used in energy drinks. The macambillo fruit has sweet flesh that is dull orange in color.