What Kind of Food Should You Feed a Yorkie?


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A Yorkshire Terrier should be fed a diet that consists of meat-based protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Active Yorkies require roughly 200 calories per day, and most of those calories should be in the form of protein from meats such as chicken, lamb, fish and turkey.

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Until a Yorkie is 3 months old, food should be available to it at all times to prevent hypoglycemia and promote growth during this stage of the dog's life. From age 3 months to 6 months, a Yorkie needs at least three to four scheduled meals per day, which is best for the dog's health, as well as its behavior. These meals should consist of one-quarter to one-half of a cup of food, and a dog should be given no more than 15 minutes to eat the meal, ensuring that a tight eating schedule is kept. From 6 months to 1 year, the number of meals fed to a Yorkie should be decreased by at least one from what it was for the previous three months. After a Yorkie is 1 year old, it's possible to feed it only one meal per day. In addition to meat, it's important to feed a Yorkie vegetables and starches, such as rice, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and sweat peas.

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