What Kind of Food Do Huskies Eat?

Huskies eat a combination of foods, such as dry dog food or a mix of raw meat, bones and vegetables. One example of a regular diet includes 4 cups of a high-quality dry dog food given twice daily.

Siberian husky dogs are a breed developed by the Chukchis in the Arctic as sled dogs. This breed is highly intelligent, friendly, stubborn and very active. They had to have all of these qualities to survive in their harsh Northern climate. The Chukchis also bred a dog that did well on a relatively small amount of food.

It is perfectly fine to feed a husky only twice a day and to keep portions relatively small compared to other medium and large breed dogs. About 4 cups daily of a good quality, well-rounded diet is enough food.

A high-quality dry dog food may suffice for the basic diet, but some breeders recommend feeding raw meat and veggies too. The Bones and Raw Food or BARF Diet is another option for husky owners. This diet consists of a mix of animal bones, ground beef, ground turkey, fish and organ meats. Vegetables, such as leafy greens, carrots, broccoli and some sprouts, given on this diet add fiber and other nutrients.