What Kind of Fish Are Found in Lake Mead?


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Some of the fish found in Lake Mead include largemouth bass, striped bass, crappies, channel catfish, green sunfish and bluegill. Lake Mead is also home to rainbow trout, bullhead catfish, carp, tilapia, humpback chub, razorback suckers, bonytail chub and Colorado squawfish. Trout are found in the Willow Beach section of the lake, while bass are more often found at Katherine and Cottonwood Cove. Catfish are found in upper Overton Arm.

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Lake Mead, located on the Colorado River and straddling the Nevada-Arizona state line, has over 290 square miles of water surface. Lake Mead is the largest human-made reservoir in the United States. The lake is stocked with fish regularly to ensure that there is a large enough population of fish. The large variety of fish attracts visitors all year long who are interested in sport fishing. Lake Mead is most famous for largemouth bass weighing in at as much as 40 pounds.

Because the lake sits in both Nevada and Arizona, fishing laws for each state must be observed. Fishers from Arizona must have a use stamp from Nevada, and vice versa. Weight limits are guided by the state in which the fish is caught, making it important to know both states' regulations.

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