What Kind of Dog Should You Get With Children Ages 5 and 7?


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The type of dog that is best for a person's family depends on the people within the family and young children should have dogs that are sturdy, loving, gentle and family or companion-oriented such as the Irish setter, the Newfoundland, the bulldog, the collie or the beagle. There are many other dog breeds that also make good pets for families with younger children.

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To ensure that a dog is a good fit for a person's family, that person should look at their home and their children as well as the reason why they want a dog as a pet. For example, a family that has a large backyard may be able to accommodate a large and active dog such as a Newfoundland. However, a family that lives in an apartment or condo should avoid such a large and active dog. The dog breed should also be a non-aggressive breed.

Many people remember the movies and television show about the famous collie, Lassie, and think about getting a collie for their family. Collies make excellent family pets because they love to please their owners and are quick to learn new commands. Another great family breed is the Irish setter. Apart from their beautiful, rich red coat, the dogs love children and are very playful. They do require a yard though because of their higher energy levels, but the dogs are not barkers and are not flighty.

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