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Pete is the name of two animated characters including a pelican who delivers mail in the Animal Crossing games and an animal created by the Walt Disney Company. The species of Pete, the villainous Disney character, has never been revealed.

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Like a real pelican, he is full of white feathers and has an orange beak. Pete wears a green jacket and a blue mail carrier's bag; his hat is green with white and orange stripes and a red badge. In all of the Animal Crossing games, once Pete has the player's trust, he tells of his romances with the characters Pelly and Phyllis, both clerks at the Town Hall. Pete appears in the player's town between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to deliver mail.

Pete from various Disney films and shows resembles several animals; it is not clear whether he is a dog, cat, wolf or a bear. He has appeared in Walt Disney productions since 1925, making him one of the oldest Disney characters. The characters full name is Peter Pete, although he is sometimes referred to as Al Muldoon, Big Pete, Black Pete, Captain Blackheart or Captain Pete in some television shows and films.

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