What Is a Killer Whale's Niche?

killer-whale-s-niche Credit: Tyson Mackay/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

The killer whale's niche is at the top of the ocean's food chain. Killer whales inhabit most oceans and are predators that have been known to attack other marine animals, such as sharks.

A niche is defined as the way that an animal fits into its habitat. Killer whales, also known as orcas, are among the most aggressive types of hunters in the ocean. Some pods, or groups, of killer whales prefer to eat one specific type of fish, while others prey on a wide variety of fish that range in size. Killer whales are known to prey on dolphins, great whales and salmon. According to Earth Times, killer whales may be beginning to split into several species. Some pods of orcas hunt using complex methods, while other fish use a basic herding mechanism.