How Do You Kill Termites in Your House?


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To kill termites in your house, treat all affected areas with insecticide, including wooden structures, wooden furniture and the soil surrounding your home. You need a shovel, 80 to 200 gallons of termiticide, a 5-gallon bucket, a power drill, orange oil concentrate, cardboard, boric acid, gloves and a face mask.

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  1. Treat the soil around your home

    Use the shovel to dig a trench around the structure of your home that is 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Use a tape measure to make a mark at every 10-foot interval. Fill four-fifths of the 5-gallon bucket with termiticide, and pour the entire contents of the bucket into the trench at the first interval. Repeat at every interval.

  2. Treat wooden structures and furniture

    Use a power drill with a small drill bit for this method. Insert the bit into the drill, and drill small holes into the wooden items and structures of your home. Use the sprayer of the orange oil bottle or a medicine dropper to inject the orange oil concentrate into each hole.

  3. Lay traps around your home

    Put on the gloves and face mask. Pour a bit of the boric acid on a piece of cardboard. Place a trap in various sections of your home.

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