How Do You Kill Ringworm in Cats?


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Ringworm in cats can be killed or treated with a topical ointment or oral medication depending on the seriousness of the infection, WebMD explains. For most cases, the cat can be washed with a special shampoo to resolve the problem.

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Ringworm needs to be treated immediately as it can spread to people and other pets if it goes untreated, states WebMD. The cat needs to be treated with an ointment or medication regularly until it has completely cleared up, a process that can take many months. The owner also needs to clean all areas, bedding, toys, and food dishes onto which hairs or skin cells cling in order to prevent other animals or people from contracting the fungus and keep it from recurring. This fungus grows readily in warm, humid conditions and is especially prevalent in overcrowded environments. Although all types of cats can get ringworm, long-haired varieties tend to be more prone to infection.

A cat with ringworm usually has circular red-ringed patches where its hair has fallen out, according to WebMD. Other symptoms of ringworm include flaky skin and dandruff. However, some cats show no visible symptoms at all of ringworm and must be examined by a veterinarian for a diagnoses.

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