How Do You Kill Mites on Your Body?

How Do You Kill Mites on Your Body?

How Do You Kill Mites on Your Body?

You can easily kill mites, also known as scabies, on your body with medical intervention. When you suspect that you have mites, make an appointment with your doctor. Use the medication the doctor prescribes exactly as he tells you to do so to kill the mites and feel relief after approximately two weeks.

  1. Visit your doctor

    Visit your doctor as soon as you suspect that you have mites on your body. Although every human being lives with microscopic mites on the skin, scabies, a specific type of mite, causes a red rash and raised bumps. The bumps are visible when the female scabies mite digs under your skin and lays her eggs.

  2. Use medication as prescribed

    When your physician gives you a diagnosis of scabies or other mites, he often prescribes medications to kill them. The most common medication is a cream. Spread the cream over your body from the neck down before you go to bed. Wash the cream off your body in the morning.

  3. Stop the spread of mites

    Killing mites on your skin is not enough. You must also kill the mites that are in your environment. Wash any articles of clothing and bedding in the washing machine at the hottest temperature. Seal any stuffed animals and pillows in plastic garbage bags for three days. At the end of three days, the mites suffocate and you can vacuum them off your belongings.