How Do You Kill Ants in Your Kitchen?

To kill ants in your kitchen, you first need to determine where they are coming from. After you have found their point of entry, you can either plant a bait of ant poison that they will take back to their nest, killing the ants at their source, or you can use a more natural deterrent to keep them from infiltrating your home.

  1. Use distilled white vinegar and water

    Ants are opportunists, so it is vital you keep your home and surfaces clean to prevent them from taking over your kitchen. Using a half-and-half solution of white distilled vinegar and water works well because ants hate the smell, and the vinegar also removes the scent trails they use to get around.

  2. Use lemon juice or peppermint oil

    Like white vinegar, lemon juice and peppermint oil work wonders because ants do not like their smell, and these substances also wipe away their scent trails. They are a natural and safe alternative to using poison or bug killers.

  3. Sprinkle coffee grounds around your garden or places of entry

    If you know where the ants are getting in, you can sprinkle coffee grounds at the source. They dislike the smell so will move away from that location, keeping your kitchen ant free.

  4. Use cucumber or citrus peels at the source of entry

    Repel ants by leaving cucumber or citrus peels wherever you see ant activity. These types of foods are toxic to the types of fungi that ants love to feed on.