What Are Some Facts Kids Should Know About Taking Care of a Pet Rabbit?


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Rabbits are physically fragile and delicate creatures that must be handled and treated with the utmost care. They require special veterinary care, and most rabbits are easily frightened when children cuddle or carry them. Since rabbits are unable to vocalize their distress, they sometimes scratch or bite well-meaning children.

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What Are Some Facts Kids Should Know About Taking Care of a Pet Rabbit?
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Because of this, many rabbits suffer broken backs and legs due to being dropped by children, and many rabbits end up in abandoned pet shelters. Therefore, an adult should be the primary caretaker of a pet rabbit.

It is important for a rabbit's cage to be indoors. If a rabbit is caged outside, it is susceptible to heart attacks from fright whenever a stranger or predator approaches the cage. Furthermore, rabbits kept outside suffer from isolation. Their cages should be large enough for the rabbit to jump and play, and if the bottom of the cage is made of wire, it should be covered with a soft material such as corrugated cardboard or wood. Rabbits also enjoy toys to satisfy their natural desire to dig and chew. Cardboard boxes and old telephone books make good chew toys for rabbits. Rabbits require fresh, high-quality hay for digestive health, as well as rabbit pellets. Fresh leafy greens should also be included in a pet rabbit's diet.

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