What Are Some Kid-Friendly Facts About Arctic Foxes?


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A kid-friendly fact about arctic foxes is that its tail is called a brush. The fox actually curls its tail around its body and over its face to protect itself from the harsh arctic winds. Its thick fur and short legs prevent it from losing heat in the winter.

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What Are Some Kid-Friendly Facts About Arctic Foxes?
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While the arctic fox is known for its beautiful white coat, its fur changes color depending on the season. In spring, its winter white coat sheds and reveals a grey to light brown color coat underneath that better blends into the rocks and tundra.

Arctic foxes have an incredibly keen sense of smell and hearing. They can even detect movements under the thick snow to find food. The fox leaps right on top of its prey, breaking the snow barrier. While arctic foxes are extremely fond of lemmings and squirrels, they are just like other members of the canine family, and also dine on nutrient-rich berries. Arctic foxes have also evolved to be opportunists in order to survive in the harsh, barren tundra environment. They are famous for stalking polar bears in order to eat their leftover scraps. While arctic foxes normally live in burrows, during a blizzard they tunnel themselves into the snow to create a temporary shelter.

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