What Are Some Kid-Friendly Facts About Animals?


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A kid-friendly fact about horses is that they can sleep positioned standing up or lying down. Horses can run soon after they are born and most can gallop at speeds approaching 27 miles per hour; the fastest-ever recorded speed for a horse was 55 miles per hour. Kid-friendly facts about sharks include the fact that the whale shark species grows as long as 45 feet.

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Horses live approximately 25 years, although one horse from the 19th century is reported to have lived 62 years. They have the largest eyes of all land mammals and can see almost 360 degrees around them. Horses have approximately 205 skeletal bones and are herbivores that have been domesticated for more than 50 centuries.

Another fact about sharks is that some species of females lay eggs, while others bear live pups. Baby sharks are born ready to care for themselves and leave their mother soon after birth. A shark’s body is very flexible because it is made from cartilage and contains no bones. The deadliest type of shark in the ocean is the great white, which moves through the water at speeds of approximately 18 miles per hour. Some sharks can hear movement in the water from up to one-third of a mile away.

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