What Are Some Key Instructions for Taking Care of a Rabbit?

What Are Some Key Instructions for Taking Care of a Rabbit?

Pet rabbits need a clean environment, appropriate food, fresh water, careful handling and plenty of socialization in order to thrive. Their cage should be kept in a quiet environment close enough to people so they don't get lonely, preferably in an area free of drafts, dampness and excessive heat. A rabbit's teeth grow continuously, so they require plenty of chew sticks to gnaw on to keep the teeth from becoming overgrown.

It's recommended that the rabbit's cage be four times larger than the animal when full grown, and should be lined with non-toxic bedding. This bedding needs to be freshened daily, removing wet spots and waste, and the cage thoroughly cleaned at least once a week with a mild soap or vinegar solution. The enclosure should be made primarily of wire. It's considered unhealthy to house a rabbit in a glass enclosure or aquarium due to the lack of air circulation in such an enclosed environment.

A rabbit's regular daily diet should consist of commercial rabbit pellets. Grass hay, such as Timothy or alfalfa, is also an important part of a healthy diet and ought to be offered regularly. Fruits and vegetables should be given sparingly, as large amounts can trigger bouts of diarrhea that may be life-threatening.

Water should be offered in a heavy bowl that cannot be tipped over easily. The contents should be changed as often as twice a day to ensure the rabbit has clean, fresh water available at all times.

Rabbits are social animals and need attention and companionship. They should be handled gently and interacted with every day. If the pet owner is not able to play with the rabbit regularly, then owning more than one rabbit should be considered.