What Is Keta Salmon?


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Also known as chum salmon, Keta salmon is a species of fish in the salmon family that ranges from six to 17 pounds. They are light in color with silver splashes in the tail; however, in the ocean their color changes to a greenish-blue color.

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What Is Keta Salmon?
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Keta salmon mature at 3 to 6 years old. They have several stages in their life cycle; eggs, alevins, fry, smolt, adult and spawning adult. When breeding, adult salmon deposit their eggs in gravel beds in freshwater streams or rivers. After egg fertilization by the male Keta salmon occurs, the embryos incubate over the winter and hatch into alevins in late winter. Due to the sharp, large teeth and hook nose of the male salmon, Keta salmon are also called dog salmon.

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