How Do You Kennel Train a Puppy?


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A pet owner can kennel train or crate train a puppy by introducing the crate slowly, feeding the puppy all of its meals in the crate and crating the dog when the owner leaves and at night. The problems that are often found in crate training are that the puppy may whine, cry or have separation anxiety.

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To combat separation anxiety, the owner will need to use desensitization practices and also use counter-conditioning procedures. An animal behaviorist can help. To combat whining, the owner can try first taking the puppy out to use the potty and then return the puppy to the crate. If the puppy still whines, the owner should ignore the puppy until it falls asleep.

To introduce the crate slowly, the owner should first let the puppy check out the crate on its own. Next, the owner should ask the puppy to go inside with a command and then reward the puppy when it does. The owner should slowly start to close the door on the puppy and let the puppy sit inside for a few minutes each day. The owner should begin to increase the amount of time that the puppy is in the crate and then start to disappear so that the puppy cannot see him or her. The owner should continue this process to crate train the puppy.

Feeding the puppy all of its meals in the crate will help the puppy feel comfortable with the crate. It will also help to associate the crate as a positive place. Placing a soft blanket or other padding in the crate will help the puppy feel comfortable sleeping at night and when the owner is away.

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