How Do You Kennel Train a Dog?


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To kennel train a dog, introduce the dog to the kennel, and put his food inside the crate. Once the dog is comfortable with eating inside the crate, close the door, and allow the dog to spend a few minutes inside. Gradually increase the time the dog spends in the kennel.

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  1. Introduce the dog to the kennel

    Place the crate in the main living area of the house. Line the kennel with a blanket or a dog bed. Remove the door from the kennel, and allow the dog to look it over. Throw treats or dog toys in and around the kennel.

  2. Feed the dog inside

    Place a bowl of dog food just outside the crate. Allow the dog to eat outside the kennel for a couple of feedings. When the dog is comfortable eating near the crate, move the bowl to just inside the crate. Each day, move the bowl a little farther into the crate, until the dog is completely inside the kennel. Close the door for a few minutes at each feeding.

  3. Crate the dog for longer periods

    Gradually increase the time the dog spends inside the crate until the animal is comfortable being kenneled for a few hours. Praise the dog and give treats when it enters the crate on its own.

  4. Kennel the dog at night

    Once the dog can spend a few hours in the crate, the animal is ready to spend the night there. Place the dog kennel near the place where you sleep to keep the dog from being anxious. Once the dog is comfortable sleeping in the kennel overnight, the crate can be moved to another area of the house.

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