How Do You Keep Woodpeckers Away?


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To keep woodpeckers away, attach windsocks to the corners of your home, install reflective weather vanes on the property and stretch lightweight plastic netting between the eaves and the siding. It takes about two hours to install these preventive measures. The required supplies are four windsocks with mounting brackets, weathervanes, plastic netting, heavy-duty shears, a ladder, a hammer, a screwdriver, screws and nails.

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How Do You Keep Woodpeckers Away?
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  1. Attach windsocks

    Place the ladder beneath one corner of your roof. Climb the ladder, and attach one windsock mounting bracket to the roof according to the directions on the package. Slip a windsock over the bracket. Repeat this procedure on the other corners of the roof.

  2. Install reflective weathervanes

    Hammer a weathervane stake into the ground, and attach the reflective ornament to the top according to the manufacturer's instructions. Repeat with as many additional weathervanes as you wish to install. For the most effective woodpecker deterrence, place vanes on two or more sides of the house.

  3. Stretch plastic netting between the eaves and siding

    Nail sheets of fine plastic netting between the eaves and siding. To protect your siding from damage by large woodpeckers, leave at least 3 inches of space between the siding and the netting.

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