How Do I Keep Rabbits Off My Lawn?

keep-rabbits-off-lawn Credit: Orchidpoet/E+/Getty Images

Rabbit populations can be reduced or eliminated by removing debris that provides shelter, installing fencing and using repellent, according to HGTV. Plants can be protected with hardware cloth or fencing until the rabbits are relocated.

Fencing intended to keep rabbits out should be made from a fine mesh, such as chicken wire, and should be buried to prevent rabbits from entering under it. Additionally, fencing should be at least 10 inches tall, according to ArborScape. Rabbits are repelled by some scents, including vinegar and soap, but according to HGTV, these scents won't provide a long-term solution because rabbits eventually ignore the smell.

Commercial rabbit repellents may be more effective when brands and types of repellents are changed on a regular basis. For instance, spraying the perimeter of the lawn with vinegar then placing commercial rabbit repellent out a few weeks later may deter rabbits for a longer period of time than simply using one repellent.

Cleaning away sticks and other debris that provides rabbits with shelter may prompt the animals to move elsewhere. HGTV recommends identifying and eliminating existing burrows and mowing the lawn frequently to eliminate hiding places. Live traps may also be used if rabbits aren't responding to other treatment. Live traps won't harm the rabbits, allowing the animals to be relocated as needed. ArborScape recommends contacting the local Game and Wildlife Commission, or another agency in the community, before catching and releasing wild rabbits.