How Do You Keep Rabbits Away?


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Keep rabbits away by sprinkling the area with smells that repel rabbits such as blood or predator dung, plant flowers and plants that rabbits dislike such as peppers or tomatoes, and enclose your yard or garden. To keep rabbits away from specific plants, place mesh wire cages around them.

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Rabbits are sensitive to smells, so deter them from your yard and garden by placing strong smelling items around the area. One method that works is to sprinkle dried blood or hair around your yard and plants. However, avoid the dried blood method if you have pets that are attracted to the scent.

An more socially acceptable scent that deters rabbits is the smell of Lysol. Mix 1 gallon of water with 1 teaspoon of Lysol, and place the solution in a spray bottle. Dust your plants with the solution. Irish Spring soap is another scent that rabbits find unpleasant. Shave the soap, collect the shavings into bags or containers and place them around your yard.

If all else fails, string chicken wire or mesh fencing around those areas that you want to keep rabbit free. Make sure to plant the fence around 12 inches below the surface of the ground to prevent the rabbits from burrowing under it.

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