How Do You Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds?

How Do You Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds?

To keep dogs out of flowerbeds, spray vinegar, sprinkle red pepper flakes, insert stakes into the ground, place thorny branches around the plants or, if necessary, construct a chicken-wire fence. To help distract dogs away from the flowers, make them their own pet play area in the garden.

  1. Distribute pungent substances

    Dogs are sensitive to certain odors. Spray apple cider or white vinegar on the plants, or sprinkle red pepper flakes or mustard powder on the ground around the flowers and flowerbed. You can also plant marigolds in the flowerbed to repel dogs.

  2. Create deterrents

    To prevent dogs from walking or lying down in the flowerbeds, drive wooden stakes into the ground throughout the flowerbeds, or place thorny branches, such as rose or holly, around the plants.

  3. Construct a fence

    For small dogs, install 16-inch border fencing around the perimeter of the flowerbeds. For larger dogs or other animals, build a fence from chicken wire. Drive tall wooden stakes around the perimeter of the flowerbed. Place a roll of chicken wire on one of the stakes, unroll the wire, and wrap it around the other stakes. Roll the fence back up at any time if you have a need to hide it.