How Do You Keep Dogs From Digging up Your Yard?


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To keep a dog from digging up a yard, provide him with toys, walk him twice a day, prevent moles and other animals from entering the yard, and supply the dog with a dog house. Refrain from using chemicals to remove pests, because some may harm your dog.

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  1. Put toys in the yard

    Place a few chew toys in the yard for the dog to play with. This distraction keeps the dog busy so he does not dig for entertainment.

  2. Walk the dog often

    Walk the dog twice a day, if possible, to keep your pet active and entertained.

  3. Get rid of pests

    Look around your yard to see if there are any holes from moles, voles or other pests. Fence off the entry point, or take other measures to prevent these pests from entering the yard. Some dog breeds are natural hunters, and if they see holes created by these animals, they may dig up the small holes to try to get at the pests.

  4. Set up a dog house

    Watch the dog's behavior after he digs. If he lays down in the hole, he is looking for a spot to cool off. Set up a dog house so he has a space to lay down and cool off.

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