How Do You Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture?


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Keep a cat from scratching furniture by deterring her with unpleasant sprays or tapes, displacing her favorite scratching area and dulling her claws to prevent damage. Apply an herbal spray deterrent or double-sided tape to the edges of upholstered furniture, which is a prime scratching location to prevent her from shredding the fabric. Because of the unpleasant sensation that these products produce for cats, this is usually sufficient.

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How Do You Keep Cats From Scratching Furniture?
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If she is still scratching after a deterrent, consider purchasing cat furniture or posts that are similar to her favorite scratching item. If she prefers wood, give her a cedar post for scratching. If she is partial to upholstered surfaces, get her a carpeted tree perch for her to scratch and rest on. Sisal, or marine-grade rope, is another favorite of scratch-loving cats and finding some cat furniture using this material can also prove helpful.

Trim a cat's claws regularly to lessen the damage inflicted by her claws. Use veterinary-quality nail clippers and gently squeeze the paw to retract the claws for clipping. If clipping proves too difficult, consider commercially available nail caps that glue on to prevent damage from clawing. Lasting four to six weeks, these nail caps do not interfere with normal claw retraction.

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