How Do I Keep Cats Out of My Garden?

How Do I Keep Cats Out of My Garden?

How Do I Keep Cats Out of My Garden?

Keep your garden pristine by repelling cats from your yard using a few simple methods. You need chicken wire, wire cutters, water, cat repellents and lavender.

  1. Lay down chicken wire

    Before planting your garden, lay chicken wire over the soil. Cats dislike walking on chicken wire and avoid areas with it. To add plants, simply use the wire cutters to cut an appropriately sized hole in the mesh.

  2. Install plants that repel cats

    Plant flowers or shrubs in your garden that repel cats, such as rue, lavender and pennyroyal. The Coleus canina, called the "scaredy cat plant," is an especially effective repellent.

  3. Spray cats with water

    Repel cats through the use of water. If you catch a cat around your garden, spray it with a water gun or a hose. This encourages cats to stay away from the garden through negative reinforcement. Another option is to install motion-activated sprinklers that blast water at intruders.

  4. Apply cat repellents

    If you still have a cat problem, purchase a commercial cat repellent. These products contain predator urine in granular form that repulses cats. Sprinkle the product around the garden to deter pests. These repellents are completely natural and safe for both children and animals.