How Do You Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds?

To keep cats out of flower beds, use scent repellents, such as citronella, lavender, citrus peels, coffee grounds and vinegar. Choose which scents to use, place them around the flower bed, and replace them regularly.

  1. Choose the right scent

    Many household items emit scents that repel cats. Coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, tobacco and essential oils work well. Citronella, orange or lemon peel and vinegar also work. Use an item you have on hand or one you can easily find at a store. Experiment with different scents to find the ones that work best.

  2. Place the scent repellents around the garden

    If using citronella oil, place the containers around the flower bed to repel cats. Alternatively, scatter coffee grounds on the soil, sprinkle lavender oil drops around the garden, or place orange or lemon peels in the flowerbed. Mix vinegar and water, and spray it on the plants and soil to discourage cats from entering the garden.

  3. Replace the scent repellent regularly

    The scent of citronella lasts longer than many other household items and should be replaced when the oil is gone. Replace coffee grounds and other items every other day to ensure the scent remains strong enough to deter cats.