How Do You Keep Cats Off Counters?

How Do You Keep Cats Off Counters?

To keep cats from jumping up on counters, start by giving them alternative spaces to jump onto. If the cat continues to jump on the counter, do not scold it. Instead, use harmless environmental punishments to make jumping on the counters unpleasant for any cats in the house.

  1. Give the cats alternatives

    By giving cats an alternative high spot to jump on, they are less likely to jump on the counters. Most pet stores sell cat trees with built-in scratching posts for this.

  2. Use deterrents on the counters

    Avoid yelling and trying to scare the cat from jumping on the counters, as this may just make the cat scared of you. Instead, use environmental deterrents to make the cat scared of the counters. Put a metal baking sheet on the edge of a counter. If the cat jumps on it, the baking sheet falls off, making a loud noise without hurting the cat. Many pet stores sell similar deterrent devices for this same purpose.

  3. Remove the deterrents

    Once all the cats in the home are trained, you can remove the environmental deterrents. If a cat starts jumping onto the counters again, put the deterrents back in place to retrain it.