How Do You Keep Bees Away?

To keep bees away, use a clip-on bee or wasp repellent, dryer sheets or a brown paper bag. Cucumber and cloves also work well to keep bees away.

  1. Use clip-on wasp repellent or dryer sheets

    Clip the wasp or bee repellent to any surface in the immediate area to deter bees and wasps. Alternatively, place fresh dryer sheets around the area.

  2. Hang up a brown paper bag

    Blow air into a brown paper bag, and tie it shut. Hang the bag up to create the appearance of a hive. Bees refrain from entering the territory of other bees.

  3. Use cucumber or cloves

    Slice up cucumbers and keep them nearby, because bees do not like the scent of cucumber. The strong smell of cloves also acts as a deterrent. Keep cloves in a bowl, or scatter them around the area to keep bees away.