Where Do Kangaroos Live in Australia?

R0b0l/CC-BY 2.0

Kangaroos are native to Australia and live in woodlands, pastures and grasslands from the Indian Ocean to western Victoria and New South Wales. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo lives in eastern Australia and Tasmania. The Antilopine Kangaroo favors the monsoonal, tropical woodlands in northern Australia.

Kangaroos are highly adaptive and are often found throughout Australia in public parks, gardens and golf courses. The kangaroo family name, Macropodidae, means big feet in Latin.

Kangaroos are not an endangered species, but their habitat is threatened by wildfires, hunting and land development. With permits, Western Grey Kangaroos are hunted for their hides and meat and to control their populations. All other kangaroos that reside in Australia are protected by law.