What Is a Juan Gotti Pitbull?


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A Juan Gotti pitbull is a pitbull dog descended from the dog Notorious Juan Gotty, a prolific sire of pitbull puppies. Dogs descended from him are also called Gottiline pitbulls. They are considered exemplary of the so-called bully style of pitbull.

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Gottiline dogs are thick-set and extremely muscular dogs. Their stocky build, wide heads and broad, muscular chests are distinct and readily distinguish them from other bloodlines. The Gottiline is considered controversial within the dog breeding world, as their tough appearance has attracted irresponsible owners who buy them for dog fighting, guarding criminal enterprises or intimidation. There is also dispute over whether Notorious Juan Gotty was a purebred. He was sired by Raider 2, a dog whose sire was unknown, and his mother was also descended from Raider 2 and shared his unknown lineage. Some believe that Notorious Juan Gotty was a mixed breed and that all dogs descended from him are also mixed breeds as a consequence.

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