What Are Some Jellyfish Facts for Kids?

What Are Some Jellyfish Facts for Kids?

One interesting fact about jellyfish for kids is that crystal jellyfish contain a protein that is used in the medical industry to block certain viruses, notes Smithsonian.com. Another is that both people and other jellyfish may eat these sea creatures.

Children may be interested to know that the cells in jellyfish tentacles can sting even when a jellyfish is dead. Although most only cause pain, some jellyfish stings are lethal.

Another fun fact is that jellyfish lifespans vary greatly. While some may live for only a few months, one species may be effectively immortal, notes Smithsonian.com.

Children with a passion for biology may be eager to learn that jellyfish lack many organs, such as a heart or bones, but they do have nervous systems, and their lack of skeletal structure does not hinder their movement. Similarly, while some jellyfish have basic sight that can only detect variations in light, others have surprisingly complex eyes.

Finally, there are four common classes of jellyfish, including Cubozoa, Staurozoa, Scyphozoa and Hyrozoa. They differ in their symmetry, swimming speed and orientation. For example, Schyphozoa have rounded tops that resemble a bowl and tentacles hanging down from them. On the other hand, Staurozoa look like they are upside down when swimming.