What Does a Javelina Pig Look Like?


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A javelina, or peccary, is a medium-sized mammal that resembles a wild pig but is actually a member of the deer family. It looks menacing with a coarse coat and long teeth.

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What Does a Javelina Pig Look Like?
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The javelina reaches 19 inches in height, 4 to 6 feet in length, and weighs 40 to 60 pounds. Its long, wiry coat is speckled with black, gray and brown hair. Lighter-colored hair forms a collar around the head and shoulders, which is why the species is often called the collared peccary. Babies are known as "reds" because they have red-brown or tan hair until about the age of 3 months.

A javelina not only grunts like a pig, but it has a similar nose. Its long, sharp teeth are more like those of a dog, extending an inch or more from the jaw. The peccary uses the pointy teeth like tusks to defend itself against other animals. Short, thin legs support the javelina's large body. Small, three-toed hooves leave tracks that are sometimes mistaken for those of small deer. The ears are small and pointed upward to allow the animal to detect sounds. The javelina has a musk gland on the back of its neck, which it uses to mark territory.

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