Are Jack Russell Terriers Good Family Dogs?


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According to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, this breed make excellent family dogs as long as the families understand the dogs' needs. Some families are not well suited for Jack Russell terriers, which are high-energy dogs with an assertive streak that are not known to be tolerant of misbehaving children.

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The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America explains that this is a gentle and friendly breed by nature, but it has a typical assertive terrier personality. Jack Russell terriers have a low tolerance for rough children and are quick to discipline any child who does not understand how to respect a dog's boundaries. This is especially problematic if the children in the family are too young to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior around dogs. Supervision is key in cases like these, according to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.

Dog Breed Info Center warns that Jack Russell terriers are prone to what is commonly referred to as small dog syndrome: a pattern of misbehavior that results when a dog feels put in a position of power over its family. When Jack Russell terriers feel they are in charge, they are prone to snapping, guarding and aggression aimed at other animals.

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