What Are Some Items Needed for a Hedgehog Habitat?

What Are Some Items Needed for a Hedgehog Habitat?

A hedgehog habitat needs a cage, cage liner or shavings, food and water bowls, and a hiding location. Some habitats include litter boxes, toys and warming mechanisms.

The International Hedgehog Association recommends cages 4 square feet or larger for plenty of space. Choose wire cages with solid bottoms or clear plastic storage boxes. Avoid wire or metal bottoms, as they make walking difficult for hedgehogs.

Use cage liners or shavings to layer the bottom of the cage. Fabric liners are soft and warm but must be changed daily for proper sanitation. Wood and paper shavings are absorbent and only require changing weekly. Avoid cedar and dyed shavings.

Food and water bowls need to be heavy and wide so the hedgehog does not dump it over, but make them no higher than 3 inches. Hiding locations are for sleeping. Purchase items such as logs, sacks and igloos. Extra fleece cloth is good bedding material, providing options to accommodate hedgehog burrowing.

Hedgehogs use paper towel-lined litter boxes. Toys provide entertainment and exercise, so it is a good idea to purchase an exercise wheel. Hedgehogs need warmth; place the cage in a room 72 degrees or higher, or use extra fleece or a warming pad under one cage corner.